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Southern Production & Design is your one stop shop for all of your production equipment and design needs. We also offer some of the best talent in the business to operate all our gear, because  having the best gear is meaningless if you do not have the proper people to run it.  

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Whether you have an idea in your head that just needs to be brought to life, or you need a full design plan from scratch, SPD has you covered. We use state of the art  CAD software to bring those napkin sketches into reality. Full 3D renderings allow you to see what your design will look like from any angle and any seat in the house.



SPD offers audio equipment from the industries leading names. This includes PA from d & b audiotechnik and Turbosound, consoles from Midas, Microphones from Shure and Sennheiser,  ​RF from RF Venue and signal control by Radial and Whirlwind. SPD chose these brands specifically as the represent the epitome of excellence in the audio field and that is exactly what we bring your event.


There are very few elements that can change the way an entire room feels like lighting can. Because of that, SPD has a wide variety of lighting fixtures to make sure we can create whatever feel or mood your event needs. We offer fixtures from ETC, Martin and Chauvet as well as control from ETC. 

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
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